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It's New Year's Eve, Los Angeles, 1958. A woman dressed in black awakes in the bungalow of a desperate actress, and tries to uncover the mystery of her being while being plagued by visions of the dark side behind the Hollywood dream.
Starring Tyler Onassis, Asia Walker, Mandy Kahlmeier and Sharon Olsen, and written/directed by Tyler Onassis, Alexandros Productions is thrilled to be screening "HOLLYWOOD & VINE", an eerie Hollywood noir...

Tyler Onassis...Cliff Hunter
Asia Walker...Scarlett
Mandy Kahlmeier...Lula
Sharon Olsen...The Woman in Black
Diana Polowick...Hollywood Actress
Amrit Sandhu...Awards Host
Production Company: Alexandros Productions
Director: Tyler Onassis
Writer: Tyler Onassis
Producer: Sara Bradshaw
Editor: Rocky Gordon
Director of Photography: Rocky Gordon
Assistant Director: Sharon Olsen
Soundtrack: "Million Dollar Man", performed by Alysia Lynn
Filming Location: Calgary, AB
Release Date: November 14 2013
Official Site:!alexandros-productions/c1uwy

Director Notes:
“HOLLYWOOD & VINE” is the third installment of “The Twisted 50’s: A Trilogy of Exploitation Films”, a mysterious Hollywood noir haunted by the presence of the silent film era. A strange, nameless woman (Asia Walker) dressed all in black with a black veil over her face wakes up from a nightmare in the Los Angeles bungalow of Lula (Mandy Kahlmeier), a struggling blonde actress desperate for fame and fortune. Without a memory of who she is, the “madame X” gets given the name “Scarlett” by Lula and tries to piece together the enigma of her identity. Lula, excited that it is New Year’s Eve 1958, shows off her acting skills by performing a classic line from Gone With the Wind and says she met “Scarlett” at the premiere of the new motion picture starring Cliff Hunter (Tyler Onassis), Hollywood’s biggest male movie star that she is obsessed with, and brought her back home with her. Possessed by strange visions involving an eerie “woman in black”, an Academy Awards ceremony and the iconic Rudolph Valentino, “Scarlett” begins to unravel the banished truths of her existence as the evening moves along, and Lula uncovers that she has some dark secrets of her own… and a motive that unbeknownst to her puts her fate in the palm of someone’s hand. After all, Hollywood is a realm of lost souls cursed by the condemned power of their dreams. “Bless me Father for I have sinned… I have done the Devil’s duty yet again… and am in most need of your blessing.”
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